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About Me

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Sheri Palmer

B.A., B. Ed., Certified Stott Pilates Matwork Instructor, Certified Total Barre Instructor 


I am an educator at heart and I taught History and other Social Sciences at various high schools in London, Ontario for 27 years before retiring in January 2020 to focus exclusively on offering quality Pilates classes. When I found Pilates, in the early 2000s, I was hooked! I still love how Pilates makes me feel - STRONG and in control! And because Pilates exercises require mindful movement - a class actually provides true stress relief!  


Initially I was surprised at how challenging small and controlled movements can be! Now, since being educated and certified, I understand how our stabilizing muscles are so often under utilized in other workouts and in our daily lives.   This means that we may not be moving efficiently which may contribute to injury or it may prevent us from getting the most out of our workouts.

To compliment Pilates, I took my Total Barre training.  As I have been a Zumba Instructor and a life long lover of music, I love the idea of Pilates movements being done to music.  Total Barre classes are exhilarating and are a great way to get your morning off to a great start.

It would be my pleasure to pass on to you the many benefits that Pilates has on mental and physical health. My passion for Pilates will surely become yours as you begin to feel and look stronger and more capable.  The only regret you will have once you find Pilates is that you did not discover it sooner! 

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