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Testimonial 1

"Pilates mat class isn't challenging??! Ha! Don't even whisper that near Sheri. Her class starts off with a wonderful Zen warm up, continues with progressively harder moves and then killer add on sequences. A super workout that is very challenging. Sheri kicks you know what..."

~ Verna Coaker-McInnes

Testimonial 2

"Sheri's love and enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious. Taking a class with an instructor who likes to teach so much is a joy. Thank you Sheri for always making your classes worth going to. "
~ Denise Cook

Testimonial 3

"Sheri's positive energy is contagious.  Her style of teaching is very effective and calm yet she challenges you.  She is very passionate about being a Pilates instructor. You will leave her class feeling evenly worked and at the same time feeling very Zen."

~ Serena Poulin

Testimonial 4

"Sheri is an awesome instructor for me as she understands my abilities and disabilities and is always quick to tell me how to modify an exercise so that I will not hurt myself. She always sets out two mats for me as she knows that that is easier on my knees than a single mat.  She is also wonderful leading meditations and helping us relax at the end of a mat class."

~ Heather McMichael

Testimonial 5

"Sheri is a teacher at heart with a passion for Pilates. With this combination, you will enjoy your classes with Sheri.  You will get a good workout and you will feel so good afterwards.  Pilates is the best exercise I have ever done and you will wish you had started sooner, if you have not yet tried it."

~ C. Wilken


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